Paperless systems

Integrated print management on E-labels.

Batch tracking

Identification tag for ingredients trays.

Communication in production

Paperless communication system in production.

OFS module

No pen, no paper , but maximum green efficiency.

System intergraded into quality controls and production processes.

OFS natively manages E-Labels, ensuring a flexible, powerful, and fully integrated system. Thanks to our advanced workflows, the procedures for updating and printing electronic labels are managed automatically, simplifying, and optimizing the process for labeling doses, semi-finished products and raw materials.

Integration with the MES OFS

Integrated reporting with layout that can be managed by the user in an easy and intuitive way.

By automating repetitive prints, it is possible to achieve significant cost savings and greater management efficiency.


Talking tag for tracking ingredients and leavening tanks.

This RFID Tag with industrial barcode, characterized by a hygienic and waterproof design, represents the ideal solution for efficiently tracking production batches.

Industrial 4.2″ E-label

E-label for information on warehouses, silos and bigbags.

Industrial E-Label designed with hygienic and waterproof standards with automatic update functionality for quantity, batch, supplier and material status.

Industrial 7.5″ E-label

E-Label for repetitive communications in produciton.

Industrial E-Label designed for hygiene and water resistance. It automatically transmits production and warehouse storage data, making it suitable for all the information activities of the online operator.

Detectable food RFID tag

Food TAGs for batch traceability in batch production.

Built with food-grade and detectable polymer, they offer a robust, indestructible and easily identifiable solution.
They can be equipped with NCF or VHF TAG for longer distances.

Barcode for high temperatures

Barcode for bakery trolleys.

Built in treated aluminum and laser printed, they allow easy manual and automatic reading.

Barcode for acid cleaning

304 stainless steel barcode for cleaning with acids and high concentrations of limestone.

Barcodes made by laser cutting for applications in extreme environments.