Centralized acquisition

Control unit for the acquisition of environmental and physical quantities.

Wireless temperature

Wireless contact probes for measuring dough, fluor and water temperatures.

Environmental parameter measurements

Temperature, humidity and CO 2 for production, levering and storage enviroments.

OFS – Acquisition module of physical environmental and process quantities

System integrated into quality control and the production processes.

Automatic detection of all physical environmental and process quantities with integration into OFS. The system makes available the various measurements (temperature, humidity, etc.) related to the batch in transit on the line.

Integration with the MES OFS

Automated acquisition of temperatures on batches begin processed.

In-recipe scheduling of temperature controls with automatic data acquisition on the batch in transit.

Wireless contact temperature probes

Wireless ergonomic probe for dough temperature acquisition.

Probe for manual detection of dough temperatures in the tank: the acquisition is stored automatically on the batch produced. The probe is available in various versions, also in ATEX execution.

Wireless environmental temperature probes 

Wireless probe for acquisition of ambient temperature, humidity and CO 2.

Automatic and wireless detection of temperature, humidity of the environment or production machines (proving cells, storage, preservation) stored on the batches being processed.